Things to Do in June Around Connecticut

I have family coming out to visit me in June.  They have been out here several times before so we always try to find something a little different to do each time.  I put together a  list of things we may do in the CT/RI area this June.  I'll be sure to report back after the visit.

Coventry, CT
They've been cited as New England’s BEST farmers’ market by YankeeMagazine AND selected as one of USA Today’s “Top 10 great places to shop at a farmers market!”

Niantic, CT
This store is actually a barn with meandering paths to themed sheds full of books.  I especially love all the friendly cats, goats and beautiful gardens you can sit in and read.  It's no ordinary book shop!

Stony Creek, CT
Take a narrated boat tour of all the rocky islands and their history in the Long Island Sound.

Westerly, RI (just over the CT border)
One of my favorite coastal towns with shops, restaurants and beaches.
I've posted some on my favorite beach here and here.

Point Judith, RI
A small cape with a working lighthouse, fisherman's beach and where you can buy lobsters right off the boats as they come in!

Mystic, CT
A museum including a 19th century village and many old ships in seaport you can explore.
Mystic, CT is also a must see town with some great restaurants!  This one is my favorite because it is

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries
Middlefield, CT
Old Lyme, CT
June is pick-your-own strawberries season!

I can't wait for summer!

P.S. Click here to see what we did when my family visited last June
P.P.S. Photos above were taken at the Watch Hill Harbor.


One Month Over At Violets & Laurel!

We've had a great first month over at our Violets & Laurel.  It's been a fun experience developing a blog with Amanda.  Here's a re-cap of what we've posted so far:
We gave our big introduction, explained what our clever name means and what the blog would be about.
We are doing an Etsy Everything series with great things found on Etsy, a website with shops of handmade items.  In May, Amanda found some great Mother's Day cards.  The one pictured here is LittleLow.
We showed a tutorial on how to make fresh flower crowns.
Fashion posts are back!  Amanda shares her spring weekend casuals.
Check out what I did on Memorial Weekend.

Go check us out at Violets & Laurel if you haven't already!  
We would love to hear from you over there!



What I've Been Doing...

We've been out and about now that the weather is finally nice around these parts.
We took a trip up to Cold Spring, NY last week and discovered this beach along the Hudson River.  It was beautiful!  We were also able to explore the historic town (we've been there before but didn't have time to explore) and it did not disappoint.  
 Glacier has been on several swims already this year.  
We discovered his favorite ball floats.  His little heart is happy.
There is a new trail that opened up by us.  It is only about a mile or two long but it is packed with New England beauty. It has a marshy area with lots of fun birds.  Glacier went in for a dip but came out half brown.  The trail also walks past several farms, one with horses!
And of course, there has been some time on the beach over this Memorial weekend.
You can see more of where I went on Memorial weekend over at Violets & Laurel tomorrow.

Hope you had a good holiday!



Violets & Laurel

I have some exciting news.  I started ANOTHER blog with Amanda from Amanda Louise.  Amanda and I have collaborated on a lot of projects on this blog, my favorite being our:
Over at Violets & Laurel (our new blog) we will be posting events, diys, and fashion posts.  Go over and check out how we came up with our super clever name.
I'm still going to keep this blog as my personal blog and nothing will really be changing here, except that I'll be posting more again!


I'm Back: Happy Spring!

I've taken an expected break from blogging since November.  Our lives were hit with a very sad event and a very happy event that took up a lot of my time and energy.  I'm back now and very much looking forward of what is to come for this blog and a special collaboration with AmandLouise! (More on this will surely be announced soon!).
This winter has probably been the worst one yet for me (and that says a lot because I'm from Wisconsin!) and thank God it is now Spring!  Spring really is a new beginning.
Happy Spring!



I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
Rachael from Tumbleweeds and Tantrums hosted all of us military families that weren't going home for the holiday.  A few weeks before the big event she told me she wanted a sit down meal and wanted my help.  I don't think she will ever know how happy that made me asking for my help!  
We got to work right away.
My mom mailed me all the pumpkins and gourds we used for the day from Nature's Select Orchard.
Rachael got her table inspiration from here.
I made all the gals flower crowns and everyone got a place cards with inspiration from here.

Everthing turned out great!
Thanks Rachael!
Now on to Christmas ;)


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Table Settings for Thanksgiving

See the full blog post and more pictures of this table setting here.
See the more pictures of this table setting and our autumn dinner party here.

You can probably already tell I love dinner parties and what is Thanksgiving than the all American dinner party?!

I love creative ways to decorate a table. 
How are you decorating your Thanksgiving table this year?

Check out some more ideas here.



It's Not Winter Yet...

I've been hearing friends and family say they got a jump on Christmas this year and are already done with all of their shopping.  I love Christmas time and all it represents but it seems unnatural to me to start all the celebration before Thanksgiving!  Don't get me wrong, I put up the Christmas decorations and listen to Christmas music 24/7 but only starting the day after Thanksgiving.  I also just want to hang onto Autumn as long as I can because it's also one of my favorite times.  This fall, I was able to go home to my parents orchard to help out and I took a billion pictures.  Here are some more images to keep us all in the Autumn season and don't forget everything you are thankful for!
You can see more of my visit to the orchard this year and more posts about Nature's Select Orchard here.



Mt. Washington and My Veteran

A few weeks ago we took a day off of work and headed up to Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.  It is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft but is most known for it's dangerous ever changing weather.  The Mountain has claimed many lives (even a couple a few weeks before we were there) due to the sudden changes of weather, high wind speeds, and the rough terrain.  There is an Observatory at the top that records all the extreme weather.  The day we spent there was beautiful, surprisingly, because it was already September!  There was hardly any wind and I really didn't even need a coat.
I've never climbed the Mountain (yet) but this was Ryan's fourth time hiking up it.  This time he was on a mission though; to climb it in less than 2 hours.  I'm not sure of the official record but we think it's around one hour and fifteen minutes.
Ryan officially climbed up the Tuckerman's Ravine in 2 hours and 2 minutes!
The Cog Railway is something I would love to come back and do. 
 It's an hour long ride up the opposite side of the mountain
Even though I didn't climb with Ryan I still got to the top via the Auto Road.  This was really intense for me.  I dropped Ryan off at the base of the trail and told him I would meet him up there.  I wasn't planning on driving up but had planned to take the train up.  Well, we found out that the train was on the opposite side of the Mountain than the trail head so it wasn't feasible for me to drive an hour to the other side.  I panicked a little, prayed a lot and then just got in the line to drive up.  I refused to look over the edge or even out my window driving up.  I only looked at the road in front of me.   I was having nervous flashbacks to this scary road in AZ.  My method worked for me and I made it up. 
The picture below is the windy road up.
This is the gravel part of the road.  Complete drop off! and yes it's a two lane road so you do have to be all the way over to the edge on the way down.  Thankfully we drove down after they stopped letting cars up that day so I had the road to myself.
I'm so proud of Ryan for more than just his ability to conquer mountains but also for serving in the United States Navy for nine years.  I've seen the sacrifices he's made because of his service and I feel like a thank you once a year will never be enough.

Thank you to all the veterans out there!

More of our hikes around New England: