The seasons are a lot of times a welcome change.  
Sometimes I feel like the season has come and gone before I even noticed.
  Some seem to drag on for ages.  
I can't help compare the seasons in my life and think how fast are my seasons moving?
 Change is good. But I often feel I get stuck. 
 I don't grasp the lesson I need to be learning so I stay the same or resist it that result in wasted seasons.
There are things I've been mulling over in my head for ...... ages now.  
Things like getting in better shape, getting more organized, making more church friends, being more productive since I'm done with school, finding ways to be more generous, reading more.....
I  recently got really disappointed in myself for getting distracted from the changes I've needed to make. 

 It's hard to change, but this disappointment of staying in the same place and knowing there is something better for me is worse.

So here is to no more wasted seasons, and to changing!


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  1. I LOVE the pictures and LOVE the qoute to!!!!