Christmas Decorations

Every single Christmas decoration we have has been a hand-me-down, gift, or our childhood ornaments. My mom gave me these Santa stocking hooks a couple years ago and this year I spray-painted them silver.  I love how detailed they are and all the sparkle they have now.
Since we don't live by any of our family, we have to be ahead of the game and get all the shopping and wrapping done in time to get the presents mailed out in time for a Christmas arrival.
For tags this year, I used animal stamps with green ink.  I also threw in some Bullwinkle and Rocky characters.  The stamps I got from my grandmother when I was very young.
My parents are flying out from Wisconsin this year, so I have to come up with a great Christmas table setting.  Our Thanksgiving table will be hard to beat so I'm somewhat struggling at what to do.  Some ideas are here, here, and here.
More creative things I may attempt:

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I know you can do up a great Christmas table. I love the one with the hanging lanterns. Those two at the end are very fun to do too. Good luck!