March Photo A Day Challenge

I've been wanting to do some sort of photo challenge for a while now, perhaps something similar to Umber Dove: A Day in the Life taking photo's incrementally throughout the day.  Being so busy everyday with internship, work, and classes the only times I would be able to snap pictures would be in the car driving from one place to the next.  I came across Fat Mum Slim's photo challenge in January but skipped out both January and February but decided to take the challenge for March though!

1. Up
2. Fruit
3. Your Neighborhood
I took this photo accidentally when walking the dogs back from this walk.

4. Bedside

5. A Smile
6. 5PM

7. Something You Wore

8. Window

9. Red

10. Loud
I will add each day to this post.  You can also follow me on Instagram @VisiblyMoved or if you don't have Instagram, you can see my photo's here.

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  1. I love the color in 'up!' :) please keep posting!:)