I Eat Allergy Free

I didn't start eating allergy free by choice but only after getting sick a few years ago.  My face, fingers, and joints were severely swollen.  I was getting rashes on my face, hands, and back of my neck.  I was tired ALL the time and got headaches.  I was a mess emotionally too.  I was angry, annoyed by everything, inpatient and so on!  The doctors put me on steroids on and off for a year until I finally took my health into my own hands and went on a food allergy diet.  The doctors had varying opinions anywhere from Lupus to environmental allergies but none of them believed me when I said I thought all my symptoms were related to food.  I started my food allergy diet with only cutting out one food group and I choose gluten.  After a week I was able to go off all of my steroids and antihistamines.   

Now I don't eat any of the following after slowly cutting out each food type one by one.

Tree Nuts
I feel great and don't need any medicine anymore.

I'm telling my story here because I know food allergies and intolerances are becoming more common. Probably because of how processed food is now and all the chemicals used on them.   Eating allergy free can be tough but I plan to start sharing some of my favorite allergy free products and recipes here soon.



  1. Inspiring. I do wonder what you are able to eat though.... However, I've seen a few documentaries enough to know that what you have written is probably very true and most likely the cause of many illnesses and the poor state of health in the world (America) today due to chemicals and processing. Food we eat is so far removed from its natural state, that it is unbelievable.

    1. That is the biggest question I get, "sooo what CAN you eat?" I figured it was about time I shared on here some recipes! I believe I've also watched some of those documentaries!