Finally, Allergy Free Pizza!

I was walking past the allergy free frozen foods section at the grocery store that happens to be across from the allergy filled pizza section.  I had just got done picking out a pizza per my husbands request when I walked across the aisle sulking wishing I could have pizza.  Companies have tried to make a suitable pizza for me but have always come short.  Yes, they finally got a gluten free pizza... but it has cheese all over it.  Yes they finally have a gluten free, dairy free pizza.... oh but the cheese is soy.  I almost didn't even bother looking but the daiya brand caught my eye.  I knew they made soy free, dairy free cheese and was hopeful when I first saw this but realized that they probably don't specialize in gluten free also.  I looked closer.  It was also gluten free!  Tears were wanting to come out as I looked around at other shoppers wanting to tell them what I just found.
I noticed on the back of the pizza box other new products and noticed that they make cream cheese also!  I looked around at my grocery store but they don't carry it... yet.
I bought the cheese pizza and cooked it straight away when I got home.  I added some pepperoni to the pizza before cooking it and probably would have added a bit more, because I don't like just plain cheese pizza, but didn't have the patience to cut veggies up before eating the pizza.
The pizza was good!  I will defiantly be buying it often and keeping my eye out for that cream cheese.

Check out more of my favorite dairy-free products here.

*This post is not sponsored by daiya.  I really just discovered this pizza in the grocery store!

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