My Day Off: A Photo An Hour

 The very first thing I do each morning is bring the boys out.  They would have it no other way.
 I like slow mornings as I AM NOT a morning person.
Just browsing blogs and looking at old pics of the ocean!
The post I'm looking at is here.
 My beautiful friend stopped over and has coffee before she heads to work.
 I made a 4th of July Banner.
Printed from here.
 Out for lunch and coffee with another friend,
 overlooking the Thames River and Ocean!
 Still there.
 Just leaving.
 Taking the boys out and getting "the look" from Azul.
 We recently took the net off of our pond 
I noticed a feather by glancing out the window 
and then completely panicked thinking a bird just came and ate all our koi.  
To my relief I found them all swimming around.
 Husband came home and insisted I see that his cacti are flowering.
 We look the boys swimming across the street.
Another "look" from Azul and Glacier is waiting for us to throw something.
 Relaxing by the pond and waterfall.

I skipped a few hours just watching a movie.
 We went for a drive down to the Thames River.
 The opposite side from the morning.
Ended the night with someone sleeping in bed with me.
Since this he has been banned from the bed but still comes upstairs into the room. 
We have to break this to him slowly.

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Happy Weekend!

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