Sea Glass Wall Hanging

Do you have a jar full of sea glass you aren't sure what to do with?
Well I sure did, until a friend showed me how to display them!

To get started you will need:
Your sea glass and other items you've collected (such as shells and driftwood)
A stick (I used a small piece of driftwood I found but you can also use any ordinary stick you find outside)
Wire (copper wires works well)
Wire cutters
String (To hang your art onto the wall)

First cut some wire (you can vary the lengths like I did if you want) and wrap it around your first piece of sea glass.  There is no perfect science to this.  I found I got better at this the more I did.  Wrap it so it has no room to wiggle out.
Continue on the same wire and leave some room at the top to attach it to your stick.
When you are finished with adding sea glass to your wires you can attach them to your stick.
I found that using the wire cutters or a pliers helped to wrap the wire tight around the stick.
Once you've attached all the wires, tie a string or another wire from both ends of the stick so you can hang it  on the wall or in your window.
Now your sea glass can be admired and not stuck at the bottom of a jar.
I find myself looking at the uniqueness of all the glass pieces now.



  1. Is you site still up? I couldn't locate it. Thanks,Tricia!

  2. I am so going to make this! So easy and has a happy boho vibe. Thanks for sharing! ��

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