DIY: Shadowbox Earring Organizer

After getting my necklaces organized, I needed some organization for my earrings.
Materials needed:
-Shadowbox (they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes).
-Decorative paper, fabric, or painting
The shadowbox I bought had adjustable depths, so I was able to take out an insert and wrap wire around each side of the insert.
The hardest part about this was making the wire tight without bending the sides of the insert.
I put a piece of scrapbook paper as my backdrop but you can also use fabric or a painting.  When I need a change up, I'll just trade out the paper for a different design.

I'm happy with the end product and find myself using the ledge on the bottom to put my post earrings on.

Happy organizing!


  1. My mum had an earring box similar to this one that my dad made for her.

    He made a box that was counter sunk into a hollow wall, and then fastened a nice picture frame with a picture in it onto the front of the box with hinges. when the box was closed it looked like a regular picture on the wall, but when open it looked like your earring holder with rows of earrings displayed neatly.

  2. How big and deep is the shadow box?? I must try this!

  3. Another thought is to use lace or ribbon in place of wire. You can poke the earring into the material. As many rows as you decide that fits!& staple to the sides or around to the backside . mini nails work as well.

  4. Hi really inspired by your design. Mind checking Locket for girlfriend