We Threw A Dinner Party

I've always wanted to throw an outdoor dinner party so Amanda from Amanda Louise and I got together and made that dream happen!  We really tried to use everything we already owned for this event to make it budget friendly.  Ryan and I used our table from inside and drug it out to the patio and for the seating we used our wicker patio furniture.  Amanda did invest in these two strands of outdoor bulb lights.  I loved them so much I think we will have to invest in some outdoor lighting strands.
Ryan had this genius idea of filling our cinder blocks with ice to chill our wine and other beverages. 
I picked up these floral/botany plates from a thrift store along with some glass candler holders; flipped the candle holders over and glued them to the bottom center of the plates.  We used them to hold food, flowers and candles.
Ryan made us some place-card holders by cutting a slit into some scrap wood.
It was more fun than I imagined it would be!

I will be posting all the Allergy-Free recipes of the night here at Visibly Moved over the next couple weeks:


Amanda will be posting the vegetarian recipes over at Amanda Louise.

Check out our inspiration board of the night here
and more of our yard here.

If any of you have thrown a dinner party and blogged about it, I would love for you to put the link in the comments below so I can check it out!

***UPDATE:  Check out our Autumn Dinner Party!***


  1. I haven't thrown a dinner party, so no comment about that. But, I am requesting that you invite me to your next one!

    1. You are absolutely invited! You would of come to this one if it didn't require a very long plane ride!