Autumn Dinner Party

Amanda from Amanda Louise and I did it again; a dinner party!  I'm so thankful to have her as a friend.  We both love to throw dinner parties and even decided to continue this year with one for each season! 
This go around, we added a kids table equipped with  sparklers, fun straws, 
and markers to draw on the table top.
I mailed myself some decorative gourds from my parent's orchard when
 I was home this fall and we had a bit of an adventure getting those cattails! 
Ryan of course helped out again by cutting our slab of wood for the center piece
 and making creative cinder block heaters to keep us warm on the deck.
It was a fun night but we learned some lessons from this one that we won't repeat next time.  We decided to make a day of it and started cooking in the afternoon and figured we would slowly pull it all together in plenty of time to snap photos while the sun is still out and casually wait for our guests to arrive.  Well, we ended up frantically trying to cook everything, especially Amanda's pumpkin pie, and just felt this time crunch we weren't expecting.  We did pull it all together but with better planning (making the food the night before, or in the morning) we can enjoy the fun part much more (all the decorating and DIY's)!!

Head over to Amanda Louise to see more photos of the night
 and to find out how much we spent on the night!
Stay tuned for our winter dinner party in February!

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