Historic Northeast Snowfall

 Being from Wisconsin, I was skeptical of all the talk of a big snowstorm hitting the Northeast. You see, I've learned that Connecticut, and generally New England, tends to over exagerate weather.  The Governor has shut down the state (yes, state) many a times before a single snowflake has even hit the ground.  Well, the snow did come yesterday after all.  
In October. 
We have snow...
and it stuck.
It didn't melt.

 Most of the leaves are still on the trees so the heavy snow has caused many big branches and trees to fall.  After hurricane Irene and this early snowfall this year I think only the strong are still standing.

I realized yesterday that I completely missed Fall.  And by that I mean I didn't even realize it has come and gone.  I'm so busy with my internship, work, and classes this semester I am going all day and come home after dark. 
When is the last time you made a snowman in October?


  1. Last time a snowman was made in October in Wisconsin was Halloween 1991!!!

  2. Ha, Brianne, I remember that snowstorm too!
    Erin, I LOVE this series of photos today. So beautiful!