Have Hope

How do you give hope to a hopeless person?

I heard this question a few days ago and have been turning it over in my head ever since.  I run into my share of truly hopeless people everyday.  I work with the difficult population of the chronically homeless but I also encounter hopelessness at the high school where I am a school counseling intern and pockets of hopelessness in my friends and family.

Hopelessness is a tragedy.
What is a person without hope?
...and what can I do about it?

I think a hopeless person has fallen victim to believing great lies.
about themselves
about their self-worth
about their future
about others

Each person has so much value.
They may not have any family or a single friend they can trust, which is the case for most of the homeless, but they are valued most by God.

....so how can I give hope to the hopeless?  
Show them: 
that they have a future that they hope for
That they are valuable!

Discount every single LIE they have believed!

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