Hope For Spring

I've been struggling to be excited for each day.  I went into this school year knowing it would be a long marathon type of year and I was right.  I'm finishing my very last year of graduate school BUT my last year consists of a full school year internship (the kind where I work full-time for free).  The end is finally in site but I feel like these daffodils, wanting to rush it anyway.

So where is the hope?
Knowing that this won't last forever.  
It has been forever since I've ever been out of school but I know my school days are numbered.
Just as the winter will soon turn to spring (right after this huge storm we are being hit with tonight. HA!), I know that my spring is coming with new things.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

On another note, I found this man's story here and here.  So incredible.
and I'm in love with his dog!

More hope here.


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