Lantern Hill

 We climbed Lantern Hill this last weekend which is owed by the  Mashantucket Pequots who also own Foxwoods Resort Casino (seen in the picture above).  

An interesting factoid about the hill is that some consider it to be "Tar Barrel Hill," where barrels of tar were burned on August 11, 1814, to warn residents of the approach of the British during the War of 1812.
 We decided to bring the boys.  I was nervous about them going over the edge of the cliffs accidentally by running and not stopping in time but they were both good.  We didn't leash Glacier and he listened very well when we told him to slow down and stop.
 Azul has always loved rocks and boulders.  He loves to climb on them and hop from one to another.
Just another weird quirk of his.
It was good short hike with panoramic views.  The next step is to get Glacier a pack so he carries all our water for us.


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