On A Boat

We "helped" (we didn't really do much to help) my husband's boss bring his 36 foot boat from Stonington Borough to the shipyard in Mystic, CT so that it could get some work done to it.  
  Both my husband and his boss, both submariners at one point, have their sea legs and I was a bit nervous about getting sea sick.  Fortunately, it was smooth sailing!
Lobster Boat / Sailboat / Lighthouse
I looked for whales, seals, dolphins and sharks.
I didn't see any of them.
This is the part where Ryan "helped".  Ryan was put in charge of the navigation of the boat (that costs more then our house) and was told to just not hit anything, while his boss let down the raft off the back.
He successfully got us past a buoy with no damage but minutes later had to go out back and tell him we were getting rather close to a dock.
He came to the rescue of the boat.
This Monday get five stars from me!


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