Dog Days: Azul Unleashed

 Azul is a dog of routine.  When one of us gets home in the afternoon, we immediately bring him (along with Glacier) out and then feed them dinner.  If he isn't fed, he will sure let us know by talking to us, which usually involves some howling and growling.  Lately we haven't been feeding him and letting him throw his little fits so we can take him out on some walks without a leash.  Food is his great motivator so if he is hungry, we reason, he won't run too far from home, and he is a runner.
 So far our plan has worked.  He hasn't traveled too far from us.
Glacier  never leaves our side so he rarely gets leashed.  He stays busy chasing acorns we throw for him.
 In case you didn't find him....

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  1. I found him, but wasn't sure. Thanks for putting the arrow at the end. Glad to hear he's not running as bad on an empty stomach.