The Life of an Apple at the Orchard

When I was home at my parent's orchard
I was able to see some of the journey the apples go through to get costumer ready.
My parents were blessed with an abundance of apples this year so almost everyday I was there, they were picking, polishing and packing their apples.
There is an art to picking the ripe apples that I don't think I've mastered yet.
Once picked the apples go to the antique apple polishing machine.  They are placed on one end of the machine and go through on a conveyor belt and are polished inside with horse hair brushes.
They come out the other side shiny and polished
 and are bagged according to variety for the customers to buy!
See more of my trip to the orchard here.
Don't you just love going to orchards in the fall!?



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  2. Lovely apple orchard!