Dog Days: Glacier Swims!

Neither of our dogs swim.  They love to splash around in water but they never actually swim.  Ryan threw a log into the water and Glacier wanted it so much he SWAM to retrieve it!
Sadly, Glacier never did get the log but he made two attempts!  
We are so proud of him.
In case you are wondering where Azul is this whole time...
To see more of Glacier loosing sticks and rocks in water go here and here.

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  1. Hi, I found your blog via Pinterest. I thought maybe you had dognapped my White German Shepherd and were boasting about it on the World Wide Web but then I remembered that all White GSDs look alike. I'm asked all the time what kind of dog he is and I tell people he's half GSD and half polar bear. I am probably the only one to find this humorous... I love your dogs' names, by the way!