Dog Days: A Glacier Tale

Glacier lives to fetch things that we've thrown for him.
 We sometimes throw rocks into water and he searches for the exact rock we threw for him.

This time we threw him a log...
into the water.
 Glacier doesn't like the water.
 This is the moment he looks back at the log and realizes he is going to have to leave it behind.

 He never got the log...
but did eventually get a substitute.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ah this post is so funny! Glacier seems like such a fun character. I cant believe he doesn't like water, how odd. But his expressions are superb! You've really captured him well! :)

  2. Yes, Glacier is a character, thats a good way to describe him. HA! He makes me laugh all the time. I can't believe he doesn't like water either! I think he learned not to like it from our other dog - a husky.