DIY for my Mom

For my mom's birthday I decided to try out the latest DIY floating around on Pinterest.  
My mom likes her some coffee so I hand drew these mugs for her.
I got some inexpensive coffee cups at The Christmas Tree Shop and used a black magic marker to draw on them. 
The first cup says "Good Morning Mom, Love you" and is decorated with some flowers and a bird.
On the second cup I drew a picture of a coffee cup (how ironic) and on the reverse side it says, "Today's Coffee Tally" and there are some tally marks.
I ended up baking the cups two separate times for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  I had to do this twice because after the first, I really tested how permanent is was by trying to scratch it off.  I was able to make a small scratch in an area that I colored in  so I touched it up and baked them a second time.  Now, I'm confident that it is permanent if hand washed only.
I got my tag from here.

Happy Birthday Mom!