Arizona: Day Six - Part 1

Day six was our last day in Winslow so we absolutely had to see the famous corner there.
Then we headed south to warmer weather.
We hadn't seen any saguaros since the day we flew in because we were in higher altitudes.  We were excited  to see them again so we parked on a side road to climb a random hill to get a closer look.  There was no trail but there was evidence that cattle also roamed the hill.
Native birds such as Gila woodpeckerspurple martinshouse finches, and gilded flickers live inside holes in saguaros. Flickers excavate larger holes higher on the stem. The nest cavity is deep, the parents and young entirely hidden from view.
Harming a saguaro in any manner, including cactus plugging, is illegal by state law in Arizona, and when houses or highways are built, special permits must be obtained to move or destroy any saguaro affected.
The views were amazing, but little did we know that later in the the day I would see the best views I may have ever seen in my life.

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