Gal-entine's Day and a Mug DIY

I love a good DIY project and what better holiday to do one for than Valentine's Day.
I got together with these gals:
for our 2nd annual Gal-entine's Day.

After eating an allergy-free, vegan dinner, we made all things Valentine's.   I even broke out the wax stamp for sealing our envelopes.  We also all made our fellows mugs.
We bought simple white mugs and used sharpies to draw our designs.  I used a metallic shade but there seems to be a sharpie in most every color.
When done drawing we baked them at 350 degrees for 1 hour in order to make the drawings permanent so that it won't come off when washed.
To finish it off, I attached a wooden tag.

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Does anyone else do Gal-entine's Day?


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