Dog Days: Evening Hikes

We are not morning people so we don't walk out dogs each morning.  Instead we walk them when we get home from work each evening before Azul eats of course.  Those walks are sometimes the best part of the day where we can talk not worrying about the other things we "should" be doing and have fun especially with our two dogs.  We are so fortunate to live next to hiking trails just steps away from our house with plenty of boulders to climb and logs to cross.
Azul actually loves to climb all those boulders.  I think he likes the vantage point.
You can follow along on our evening walks on Instagram @VisiblyMoved or on Vine @ErinHarings.

When do you bring your dogs for a walk?  If you Intagram your walks, I'd love to follow you!

See what happened on another walk here.


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