Camping With The Dogs

We went camping with both Azul and Glacier for the first time.  We've been camping with Azul before and he's a trooper and we have no issues with him.  I was a little worried about Glacier camping hoping he wouldn't bark at every noise he heard during the night.  We brought our huge tent that we haven't used in a couple years hoping it would fit all of us.  We have just been using the two person tent when we go without the dogs.  We had more than enough room in the large tent.  We could have fit 4 more people!
This picture of Glacier pretty much sums up his personality.  His tail is a blur from wagging it so fast.
You may be wondering...
What do I eat while camping because my diet is so restricted?
I ate mostly protein.  For dinner we had brats and for breakfast we had hash browns and sausage.
Azul was on vacation... he didn't even stand up to eat his dinner.  He has such a hard life, it's good we finally brought him on vacation.
They may have got some of our food for breakfast... but we made them work for it.
Glacier doesn't understand the concept of a screen.  He was trying to drop his pine comb in the tent for us to throw for him.
Glacier did better than I expected at night with no major barking.  The camping trip was a success!


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