Patio and DIY Grill

We have this tradition of sorts of when I go away or am not home for a night +, Ryan builds something.  He says he does it when I'm gone because I can't tell him no.  So a couple years ago, I flew to WI for a week and came back to this amazing patio in our backyard.  He built the fire pit on the patio when I was in Boston for one night.  I sure am a lucky gal.
Our grill is a big part of our patio.  This version seen here is Ryan's fourth design.  It's all just part of his process.  He made this grill built in all out of pallets.  He included ample counter space (something the earlier versions didn't have) and space for our bonfire wood.  He also created a wooded plank for the footing in front of the grill.  It all really does fit nicely on our patio.
See a dinner party on our patio here
See all of our deck pallet furniture here.
A transformation of our deck benches here.

I'm enjoying the last days of summer, on our patio of course!
Are you?



  1. Love love love your patio, grilling area and pallet creations.

    1. Thanks! We love it too. Now we just have to find more time to enjoy it!

  2. You have a fantastic outdoor space, Erin! This is absolutely the perfect place to spend time with your family.You can have a lot of activities there! You have an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit all at one place. Your weekends will always be fun! You always eat scrumptious meals there with your family and friends, no? Haha!
    Aldo Finney @ Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors

  3. refreshnist picks of DIY furniture that you can make yourself out of upcycled

    and recycled shipping pallets.