One Month Over At Violets & Laurel!

We've had a great first month over at our Violets & Laurel.  It's been a fun experience developing a blog with Amanda.  Here's a re-cap of what we've posted so far:
We gave our big introduction, explained what our clever name means and what the blog would be about.
We are doing an Etsy Everything series with great things found on Etsy, a website with shops of handmade items.  In May, Amanda found some great Mother's Day cards.  The one pictured here is LittleLow.
We showed a tutorial on how to make fresh flower crowns.
Fashion posts are back!  Amanda shares her spring weekend casuals.
Check out what I did on Memorial Weekend.

Go check us out at Violets & Laurel if you haven't already!  
We would love to hear from you over there!


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