What I've Been Doing...

We've been out and about now that the weather is finally nice around these parts.
We took a trip up to Cold Spring, NY last week and discovered this beach along the Hudson River.  It was beautiful!  We were also able to explore the historic town (we've been there before but didn't have time to explore) and it did not disappoint.  
 Glacier has been on several swims already this year.  
We discovered his favorite ball floats.  His little heart is happy.
There is a new trail that opened up by us.  It is only about a mile or two long but it is packed with New England beauty. It has a marshy area with lots of fun birds.  Glacier went in for a dip but came out half brown.  The trail also walks past several farms, one with horses!
And of course, there has been some time on the beach over this Memorial weekend.
You can see more of where I went on Memorial weekend over at Violets & Laurel tomorrow.

Hope you had a good holiday!


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