Things I Did Last Fall

Mt. Washington
I rediscover my love for Autumn each year when it comes along.  Last year we had a few adventures during the season including my first trip to Mt. Washington (above).  We have plans to go back in a couple weeks so Ryan can do a night hike.... EEEK!
Amanda and I threw an awesome Autumn dinner party, which we are planning on doing again in the next few weeks!
We went to the Roger Williams Pumpkin Spectacular for our third year.  You bet we will be going back for our annual trip this year.
Last year I was able to fly home to my parent's house during their business season at  Nature's Select Orchard and I loved it!  Wish I could have gone this year but we plan on going at a different time this year.  

In the meantime I have to find some orchards or pumpkin patches in New England worth going to.
Stay tuned, I'll let you know what I find and the other adventures this season brings.


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