Arizona: Day Six - Part 2

After climbing our hill we headed on down to Apache Trail.  I do have to say that the Apache Trail had the most amazing views and these pictures don't even come close to showing how beautiful it is there. 
 Let me give you a little information about the trail:

The Apache Indians used this trail to move through the Superstition Mountains
About 20 miles of it is gravel, the area between the Roosevelt Dam and Tortilla Flat (We drove this part)
The trail later became a stagecoach trail through the mountains
Yes, this is the road!!!  It became terrifying when we were doing hairpin turns on the top of the mountains.

We were racing the sunset.
It was so beautiful!
I think I would love to go back and spend a weekend camping and having more time to stop more often.

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  1. Pictures are so awesome. I look forward to the next day and will be sad when the Az picture show is over.